When walking home alone late one night, you are
startled by a moving shadow that you glimpse out of the corner of your eye, the
division of the autonomic nervous system mobilizes your body’s defenses is the
sympathetic division. The sympathetic division is the function of your
unconscious actions and it tells your bodies to either fight or flight and is
always active. Later, when you see that the shadow is just the neighbor’s cat,
the division of the autonomic nervous system is acting the parasympathetic
division. The parasympathetic division lessens your physiological arousal
because you are in this state all the time and are calm and aren’t scared or
worried. Unlike sympathetic, where if you see something you may get freaked out
and go into panic mode. For parasympathetic, your body calms down and isn’t
worried. These autonomic divisions differ from the other main division,
somatic, because each system gives off different responses to the body. The
somatic nervous system controls the body’s movement, as it has to do with the
skeletal muscles.