A the health of the world and eventually things

A major theme this movie was emphasizing was the fact that
companies are willing to hurt the people or the environment if that allows them
to make a bigger profit. They showed many cases where companies had dumped
their industrial wastes into rivers or vast deforestation which happened due to
the industrial revolution. In some instances corporations evaluate whether or
not following the laws will yield the greatest profit, and in many cases it
would financially make more sense to break the law and then pay the fine after
the fact then to just follow the laws and do things legally. An example they
used was Nike exploiting the low labor rates in underdeveloped countries. Nike
had lied and said that they did not use sweatshops to produce their product
when they were and they were only fined $1.5 million dollars. Nike had paid
their Dominican workers only 70 cents an hour which is very low when you look
at the amount of money they were charging for their products. This movie wanted
to make it clear that these large corporations do not care about the well being
of the people working for them, they only cared about how much profit they
could make. Just imagine how much money they had saved by only paying their
employees 70 cents an hour compared to a normal wage here in the United States.
It shows how enticing it is for these companies to manufacture in
underdeveloped countries where workers can be exploited. In the end, Nike only
ended up getting fined $1.5 million. 

            The film also touched upon the fact
that as our world sits right now,  it has no sustainability as we continue
to  dwindle our resources to nothing and we don’t change how we produce
things. Everything that we produce is slowly chipping away at the health of the
world and eventually things will start to die off at an alarming rate. The film
is trying to show us that these large corporations are willingly and knowingly
killing off our environment just so they can make an 

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