Articles:- a desire for something or someone who is


1. _____________ apples are grown in

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A      b) An     c) The   
d) No article



1. What is behind the rise ____ wall

             a) on        b) of    
c) at     d) behind


Error Spotting:-

I. Ram did not like (A)/leaving his old
grand parents alone in the house (B)/ but he had no alternative (C)/ as he has
to go out to work (D)/ No error (E)

A      b) B       c) C     d) D      e) E


Sentence Improvement:-

1 Security has been escalated at the Railway
station ,  in the wake of a intelligence
report of a bomb threat by a terrorist group.

 a) has been
escalated b) has escalated c) have escalated d) have been escalated e) No
improvement is required



1. Sanguine


Genuine               (B) Enthusiastic                      (C) Optimistic             (D) Dispassionate


Spelling Correction:-

1. a) excert      b) exert           c)
ecert           d) eksert


One Word Substitution:-

1. Have a desire for something or
someone who is not present

a) yearn 
b) facade c) delusion d) sedition



1. Dwell

a) hang around                        b)escape          c)abscond        d)bail out



1. A man of letters

a) expert in writing letters

b) expert in arts and literature

c) expert in alphabets

d) expert in giving speech




Sentence Rearrangement:-

By contrast, in musical theater an
actor’s dramatic performance is primary, and the music plays a lesser role.

The drama in opera is presented using
the primary elements of theater such as scenery, costumes, and acting.

However, the words of the opera, or
libretto, are sung rather than spoken.

Opera refers to a dramatic art form,
originating in Europe, in which the emotional content is conveyed to the
audience as much through music, both vocal and instrumental, as it is through
the lyrics.

The singers are accompanied by a musical
ensemble ranging from a small instrumental ensemble to a full symphonic

41253                      b)41235                       c) 45312                      d) 45321